Where Passion for Coffee Meets Sustainability

El Barista Coffee Roasters, nestled in the heart of Maputo, where every cup of coffee tells a story of tradition, quality, and a commitment to making a difference. We are more than just a coffee roastery; we are a community of coffee enthusiasts dedicated to bringing you the finest, most flavorful coffee experiences while supporting our local coffee farmers.

O Melhor Café é Daki!

Where Every Sip Supports Local Farmers

At El Barista, we believe in the power of coffee to connect and transform. Our mission is two-fold: to offer coffee lovers an unparalleled taste experience and to support the local coffee farmers who are the backbone of our industry.

At El Barista, our journey begins in the lush coffee plantations of Mozambique, where the art of coffee cultivation has been passed down through generations.

Jenaro Lopez

Founder of El Barista Coffee Roasters

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